Thursday, September 11, 2008

Country Roads... take me home

I've never been a huge country guy, but John Denver, is, well, John Denver.... although I cant really afford a Jet Plane to leave on yet, I did let the country roads take me home sometime back.

The feeling of fresh crop swept breeze kissing your face as you glide through an open highway is only about 2398734534098 times better than spending a Saturday night at an over-crowded disc surrounded by a dozen wannabes. Thats never been for 'me'. I still recall being surrounded by colours of myriad hues and shades brought to life by a fleeting sun hiding itself every now and then amongst the naughty clouds. If I sound a little eccentric here, its because the whole experience was somewhat ethereal, sublime as it were.

If you dont ride a bike, you're already amongst 89.71% (give or take .71839 here and there) of the worlds pop who are missing out something in life, of the rest, if you do ride a bike and do not explore the countryside with it, get the fuck out of this blog, get your fat wrinkled ass on your bike and go explore right now! Take some pics too, your grand-kids might not get to enjoy such scenic beauty after all. The highway I was on (Bangalore-Mysore), is one I have traversed rather frequently over the past 8 years, and to say that there is some degree of change on either side as you pass through everytime is a gross understatement. There are still some stretches of bliss to be found though, it all depends on whether you have the time, or inclination, to stop and take in the sights.




ps - the vadas at Maddur, and the cool, calm river at Srirangapatna are still a delight. You can find the rest of the pics at the Ninja label on the right! Oooh nostalgia can be a very painful thing at times... :-p

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