Wednesday, September 10, 2008

V Twin JAWA (Yezdi?)

Original Post HERE Dont normally have more than 1 post for the same topic, but this effort right here is worthy of another, and another mention.... :-p

All are aware of the recent cosmetic upheavel (?) my baby Bird went through. While he was at it, the mech had this very interesting project being worked on.

A V-Twin Yezdi (JAWA?). The Colour, styling, looks, everything was fucking grotesque (to each his own I guess..) but the bike sounded, and apparently moved, like a Dream. Some minor chassis and other frame mods were indulged in, on the whole a very cumbersome time (money?) consuming affair, with an almost ecclectic result.

I dont have better pics, (oops) the phone was mad at me that day and kept shaking no matter what I did!

I still remember when the JAWA (Yezdi?) Factory closed down in Mysore (was there for a year), people were flocking to the factory and picking up spares, tyres, engines, cables, head lamps, any fucking thing they could lay their hands on! Smart move, hoarding has always had a bright future in our country, those spares now are worth their weight in gold, because there are Jawa enthusiasts, and some of them are willing to pay nifty sums to procure what would otherwise be a cheap rip off made in some bylane (Gujri, anyone.) The bikes by themselves were always a beauty, my personal fave being the 350 Twin (what sweet sound, I swear!)

Coming back to this particular twin, its an off-shoot for my own dream project, V-Twin what? You'll know when the time is right.

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