Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Jet Fighter Style Motorcycle Modified and Paint

Motorcycle nuts ICON Motorsports makes an interesting observation about their Warthog bike, inspired by the USAF's A-10 ground attack fighters, who share the same nickname: "Of course the first thing that grabbed one's attention is the 800-watt MTX audio system." Well, of course, was impressive - but I think the minigun attached to the front of the 'first cycle caught my eye. That, and it's hard to miss that whole thing into nine decal'd with ammunition. But I'm sure that there was a killer audio system, too.

Jet Fighter Style Motorcycle Modified and Paint
Warthog doing everything that can be seen significant and rapid, and has some additional, crazy frills, like an 8-inch LCD screen "to see Full Metal Jacket, Iron Eagle or Top Gun and the ability to broadcast the views of victims leave back through an integrated rear view camera. "

Jet Fighter Style Motorcycle Modified and Paint
Worried you will not be able to rock like the Warthog bike? Well, a helmet that fits should give you the confidence you need. Check out the gallery below for more than Icon Warthog, and click through for video of the bike in action.

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