Friday, May 14, 2010

HONDA MEGAPRO Modif Picture 2009

Saipul indeed aseso jelly choose which parts will be applied. Kinds of head lamp usage New Tiger's asymmetric model is applied to the New Mega Pro. "The designs connect as well, because the tank and the stern of the New Mega Pro is more sporty," War peak value designated as a modifier.

MODIF concept continued with making the body transparent hole on the right side of the left. The material is made from billet almu as a casing and an acrylic upholstery. Being the concluding section of the tank is replaced with the Ninja 150 is forwarded as a stern mencoak air filter holder.

after complete overhaul aseso items attached to the body, turn-Gonk Mufit Begawan BHA in the hamlet of Water Brush Gemurung, Gedangan, Sidoarjo whitewash body. Paint material selected from Spieshecker complete with varnish.

"The theme of abstract painting, new, but it must be orderly and not tangle with a white bottom," pleaded orsi Saipul that replace the exhaust with free flow model for Satria-M. And the sector through the use of spoiled steering handlebar brake lever, clutch Moto-Gp and hand grip Ridet It.

Tread feet and legs into the game more chrome. Details, changed the rear suspension is applied monosok model of the MX-135 LC Supertrack swing arm guard.

Rim was picked from Rossi profiles 250-17 and 350-17. Each wound Mizzle Vectra 250-17 and 275-17. Item MODIF more complete, front disc rear after applying the model of Buell.

To that end, each end of the bolt wheels added almu dimensionless beam (2 cm x 2.5 cm) and assembled with the welding system. Continued with making drat 10 mm, as a binder bolt disc holder

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