Sunday, June 7, 2009

Extrem Modification, Honda Vario, in Modifikasi Honda Vario


Motorcycle modification more not dammed. Honda Vario even also can juggled so unique carriage. Honda David this Laibahas' property Vario is for example, Modifieding with three wheels rear. Motorcycle Modification gamecock from A-Custom surabaya, From third wheel only the tyre in the middle which can to mobile.


Meanwhile, both of the tyre in the left and Right related to wear lamelli with iron as the thick at about 2 cm which is functioned as handle. So, the total of long iron at about 50 cm, Each 25 cm to left and To right from canister middle. To turn on entire wheels, Beginning from wheel axis distance that should be modify formerly. In course of this is Andit does twice back process.


Different with Honda Vario's modification 2006 from Sumedang, So extreme. The uniqueness, Deden Darmawan, The modificator who create skubek be low rider, Exactly out of pakem. Then, Hind brake system also unorthodox, include the wheel activator that wears car component.

Usually, Modification low rider push back the hind wheel with ant-lion increase and shifteds engine. But, Deden from SS Custom estranges tyre from the standard reasonable" Far" Until 50 cm with a new swing arm. " Retreating with engine position still in it place, " Said Deden.

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