Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Beneli Tornado

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Beneli Tornado about the engine
The Tornado Novecento Tre RS has the well-known 900 cc three cylinder in-line engine, even more powerful and high performance in this version. The delivery system and runners have changed, to allow improved power and torque. All of this gives excellent performance and more regular, gradual power output. The profile of the cams and the intake runners has changed too, making engine operation smoother and more powerful. Another important change has been made to the injection control unit. The software has been optimised for an improved ride on the track. Constant performance is guaranteed by the addition of the oil cooling system which uses a radiator. The slipper clutch remains, but the Tornado RS allows adjustment of the slipper starting point according to each rider’s driving style. Obviously, the exclusive flexible coupling system is still present, not only guaranteeing regular operation, but also making the handlebar control more comfortable. There is a fully removable six speed gearbox which, like on all competition bikes, allows rapid gear substitution without taking the engine to bits. The clutch is improved with clutch plates of different composition, providing more constant performance, particularly on the track.

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